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ZADL vs Skepchick

August 10, 2009

For those not in the know, Skepchick is a skeptical blog where rational people may come and discuss a variety of issues related to pseudo-science, “woo,” quack medicine, or other topics that may benefit from critical thinking. The author of this post finds Skepchick to be a valuable resource, and recommends the site to any critically minded individual.

Sadly though, they seem to be just as susceptible to the vitalist lies that we must continually endure. Today the tradition of the Afternoon Inquisition was besmirched by the introduction of that old vitalist bailiwick, the so called “Zombie Apocalypse.”

We have not discussed Max Brooks at this site yet, as he deserves a long and well thought out reply. Needless to say, he is provoking violence against Zombies by assuming that they are universally hostile, universally dangerous, and universally brain crazed. We have discussed such issues elsewhere in this site, and are severely disappointed in Skepchick for perpetuating such a damaging image. Violent speech leads to violent acts. Zombies can only suffer as a result.

It is sad to see such bright minds dimmed by hatred. It is sad to see to the gentle nature of Zombies so quickly ignored and the speed with which a community will turn upon the Post Vital. Much work is before us, and we will prevail!

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  1. August 12, 2009 4:51 pm

    Are you calling the denizens of Skepchick zombists? Why, some of my best friends are zombies!
    It’s the ugly reverse-zombism that you perpetuate that is tearing America down, sir. As I say, some of my best friends are zombies, but that doesn’t change the fact that zombies take jobs shuffling, moaning and eating brains that should go to hard-working persons with heartbeats. While it is true that those of us with the spark of life still remaining outnumber the “post vital” by roughly 99.999%, we are nonetheless gravely persecuted by them. Especially since their kind multiply so quickly.

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