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Boston Zombies

May 21, 2009

First of all, there is a Zombie March in Boston, on Saturday, May 30, 2009, 2:00pm – 6:00pm, Outside South Station in Boston MA. We encourage any and all Zombies and ZADL supporters to attend and to stand up against the chainsaw of oppression, climb over the shotgun of vitalism, and march with your head held high or lolling to one side for your post vital rights!

Also, via Pharyngula (and thanks to user Boston Zombie) we learn that Boston Police are ready to Twitter any Zombie “threat.”

Show your support!

Show your support!

We at the Zombie Anti Defamation League are once again obliged to point out that being bitten by a Zombie will not turn you into one. At least not necessarily. Zombies are playful, social beings, and biting is often a sign of affection. Yes it can sometimes be a bit enthusiastic.

Virus infected individuals who transmit disease through bites are not Zombies – they are infected humans. There is a difference. They may soon become Zombies, after they die and have a Deathstyle Crisis, but at that point any diseases they might have had will be of little threat.

Still, we would expect the Boston Police to report any assault, from a living or post vital assailant. Discrimination or favoritism should not be a factor.

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