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Zombies Want Health Care

September 30, 2009

This Zombie Wants Health Care

This Zombie Wants Health Care

Zombie Activism takes all forms, and at Stop The Zombie Apocalypse it is taking form in the shape of a demand for universal health care.

The Mad as Hell Doctors tour was joined on its Chicago visit by a group of the undead, who shared the Doctors enthusiasm for Universal Single Payer Health Care. The zombies were a hit with the crowd, posing for photos with other supporters of universal health care. This was the zombies largest action yet, with a lucky seven living dead demanding healthcare and brains.

Stay tuned for future actions or start your own! Descend upon your congressional representatives office, flier at Zombie movies or make a zombie movie and demand a government run health care plan for all to stop the spread of infectious diseases such as h1n1, the NAFTA superflu and the Zombie virus.

It should be noted that we are in no way affiliated with Stop The Zombie Apocalypse, but are supportive of activism in general. Any Zombies sympathetic to their cause may find information at their site, and their Facebook Group. Besides, who wouldn’t want free brains for taxpaying Zombies? That’s an idea we can get behind!

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